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Hello! I'm Hikki, an official series uploader and owner of BL Haven Scans together with Namsan. If you have any upload request, reports or other concerns, you can reach me on my server.

PS. Please don't claim my series without reaching out to me first. You can look for me on batoto server or my own server. Thanks.

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A House For Samsami
Fancy Mate
Uniform Praise

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➪ OFA : Open for adoption or taking over


Beautiful You [On Hiatus]
Bitters & Blackmail [On Hiatus]
Come Be My Teacher
Dark Fall ➪ adopted by Manga01 & Rin
Hit On By A Kinky Guy
Liveta ➪ adopted by Nekobasu
My Delicious Dream Boy [On Hiatus]
Peach And Her Papas
Perfect Body Partner ➪ adopted by Rin
Private Devil Puppy ➪ adopted by Nekobasu
The Zombie And The Vampire ➪ adopted by Nekobasu
To. Dominant [On Hiatus]
You Can Keep Doing This [On Hiatus]
You're The Apple Of My Eye [On Hiatus]

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Beauty And The Beasts
Break Up Pawn Shop ➪ adopted by Ellie
Drawing Romance ➪ adopted by Ellie
Don't Mess With Missy! ➪ OFA
Fall In The Night With You ➪ OFA
Fiery Boss, Control Yourself [On Hiatus] ➪ OFA
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son, Get A Free Husband ➪ OFA
Hey Boss, I Am Your New Wife
How To Tame Your Beast Husbands
I'm Being Shipped With The King Of Film! ➪ OFA
Love In Time ➪ adopted by Kahochi
National School Prince Is A Girl
Our Pampered Sister's Secretly A Big Boss ➪ OFA
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet ➪ OFA
Pervert For Me
Re-Blooming [On Hiatus]
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Screengrab [On Hiatus]
She Is Also Cute Today [On Hiatus]
Straight To The Red Carpet ➪ adopted by Rin
Supreme Ocular Master: The Peerless Heiress ➪ OFA
The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Façade
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard ➪ OFA
When Beauty Meets Beasts
You Feel As Much As You Know ➪ adopted by Manga01 & Rin

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A Lucky Coin ➪ BL | SFW
Another Sequence ➪ BL | NSFW
Asahi, The Cheeky Crossdresser ➪ BL | NSFW
Ascend ➪ BL | SFW
A Good Dog Gets Down On His Knees ➪ BL | NSFW
A Physical Education ➪ BL | NSFW
Charming Scarface ➪ BL | NSFW
Conrad (Adult Version) ➪ BL | NSFW
Cosmic Seven ➪ BL | NSFW
Eishi Tsuji Doesn't Love ➪ BL | NSFW
Escape, Ray ➪ BL | SFW
Fatal Scents ➪ BL | SFW
Flowers To Thee ➪ BL | NSFW
Good Morning, Billionaire Wife ➪ Non BL | SFW
Hatsujo Porno Star ➪ BL | NSFW
His Tongue Piercing Makes My Nipples Erect ➪ BL | NSFW
Housekeeper's Cafe ➪ BL | SFW
I'll Be Your Dog Starting Today ➪ BL | NSFW
I Might Have Too Many Husbands ➪ Non BL | SFW
I Was Reborn As The Villainess Father And I Need XXX To Survive ➪ BL | NSFW
In My Closet ➪ BL | NSFW
Knock Me Out ➪ BL | NSFW
Let Me In ➪ BL | SFW
Lick Me, Like Me ➪ BL | SFW
Lilith 2 ➪ Non BL | NSFW
Long Live My Queen ➪ Non BL | SFW
Mania ➪ BL | NSFW
Master's Flirting With Me Again! ➪ BL | SFW
My Polaris ➪ Non BL | SFW
Obscura ➪ BL | NSFW
On Or Off ➪ BL | NSFW
Ouroboros ➪ BL | NSFW
Prince, I'm On A Diet ➪ Non BL | SFW
Sexual Awakening Of An Ex-Delinquent ➪ BL | NSFW
Stop! You Sexy Beast ➪ Non BL | SFW
Sweet As Hell ➪ BL | NSFW
The Code Of Silence ➪ BL | SFW
The Fox In My Bed ➪ BL | NSFW
There's Love In The Sauna ➪ BL | NSFW
Tiger's Wedding Day ➪ BL | NSFW
Two Moments In Time ➪ BL | NSFW
Why Won't You Do It With Me ➪ BL | NSFW
Wolves Behind Bars ➪ BL | NSFW
Woof Wolf ➪ BL | NSFW
Your Heart In My Hands ➪ BL | SFW

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